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Lychee is a tropical fruit that is unique in appearance and flavour. It’s native to China but does grow in certain warm regions of Queensland and is suited to the Cairns environment. Lychee is also known as “alligator strawberry” for its red, bumpy skin.

Our Fortified Lychee wine has been crafted to preserve the exquisite and distinctive aromas bursting from each hand-picked and selected lychee.

We are proud that our winemaker Trudie has perfected the unique blend of lychees, sweetness and alcohol to produce a delightfully delicious boutique wine.

Pale straw in colour, the aroma is intense white rose, lychee and honeyed alcohol. The palate is rich, with nuances of strawberry, watermelon, citrus and rose water floral notes. The alcohol notes balance the natural sweetness resulting in a wonderful indulgent taste of tropical paradise
Perfect with pavlova, cream desserts and ice cream.


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