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Subtle, elegant, honeyed character.

Passionfruit and the controlled bottle ageing is a match made in harmony. They are the 2 ingredients in producing a world-class wine. It is amazing that such a powerful wine can have a simple beginning. We keep our methods simple, relying on the unique terroir to express itself through a minimalist approach that begins on the vines on our property, and end with the ability to develop seemingly endless complexity in bottle.

Our Passionfruit wine has a taut and refreshing citric character as a young wine and its seemingly endless ability to gain complexity as it takes on bottle age. The Museum Release is best enjoyed on a warm summer’s day with all of the fresh fish you can gather – from Sydney rock oysters to a rich tuna crudo dish.

The wine has a deep golden colour and is now starting to show gorgeous aged honey, toasty characters on the nose. These characters continue on the palate whilst retaining the citrus characters and acid spine. The flavours comprise of seductive caramels, honey, roast nuts and toasty butterscotch. It is smooth, luxurious, rare and totally delicious. The Museum Release has an incredible line and length and rich aged body with a lingering mouthfeel that makes light foods sing like no other white wine.

It is a wine of outstanding character with seemingly endless cellaring potential. It has developed a beautiful bottle aged character already, yet the Show Judges consider it a fine example and believe it can be aged for another 8 to 10 years.


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