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Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery is a boutique family-run winery producing tropical fruit wines from organic fruits grown and harvested on the property at Shannonvale in Far North Queensland, just 20 minutes north of Port Douglas. For almost 20 years, the Woodall family have been making award winning wines from very dry wines to medium flavoured, full bodied and port-style wines, made from mango, lychee, passionfruit, lime, black sapote and other rare fruits, all expertly produced to commercial standards. All wines are single-fruit wines, not blends and the fruits, all grown organically in our orchard, have big flavours that are retained in the wine. Seasonally harvested, organically grown fruits are handcrafted into delicious, high quality wines, proudly presented by the charming owners for your tasting pleasure. Distinctive flavours such as ginger – the perfect pairing to authentic Thai cuisine, and Jaboticaba – the ideal accompaniment to a good cheese platter, are available to try at the cellar door at Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery. Surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, the boutique winery is a very worthy addition to any far northern itinerary. Gracious hosts, Laza, Trudie and Tony warmly greet guests and share their love of tropical fruit wine during a generous and informative tasting experience in the gorgeous setting under the exotic jade vine. Traditionally, fruit wines are known for their tendency to be sweet and sticky; however at Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery this is not the case with a strong focus on producing dry table wines for the modern palate. Indulge Your Senses and visit Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery during your next visit to Far North Queensland.

Our Wines

Made only from the finest fruit

Taste any of our single fruit wines and you will become a convert to this different style of wine.  Celebrating the succulent tastes of tropical fruits, grown here on our pristine Far North Queensland property.


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Locally grown organic tropical fruit wines

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