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Full Flavoured, Classic, Complex, Powerful Reflective

Passion fruits are recognisable by their purple or yellow hard casing, and Passionfruit flavour is very distinct and recognisable. They are related to the berry family, which also includes grapes.

Passion fruits are favoured in desserts and confectionery for their powerful fruity flavour, which is predominantly sweet with a slight sour tang.

Our Passionfruit wine has a vivid yellow colour that is so inviting. The nose is distinctly ripe tropical passionfruit with a honeyed back-note. The palate is rich, full flavoured and has a complexity that comes from clever balancing of sweetness, acidity, guava, apricot and passionfruit flavours. A clever wine with a pleasant aftertaste.

We know from experience that this wine will reward patience and cellaring, but is perfect to drink now. Ideal partner to deep sea fish like Tuna with its Omega Oils, strong flavoured cheeses, yet a surprising partner that holds its own with desserts like Sticky Date Pudding.


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