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At Shannonvale, we can’t recommend this red too highly, in summer or at any time of year. And of course, it goes without saying that if you spot it at any of our partner restaurants, you should not hesitate to load up your trunk and back seat, too.

Jaboticaba is a Brazilian tree grape, and is classified as a tropical fruit. There are very few tropical fruits that yield red wine. So Jaboticaba is very special. Almost all tropical fruits suit the making of white, yellow, orange and pink wines in colour and only Jaboticaba, Australian Bush Cherry and Pomegranate have enough tannins and colour for a red wine.

Our Jaboticaba wine has been fine-tuned over the last 20 years and we believe that whilst still learning, we have settled on the optimum Tropical Red wine.

Our Jaboticaba has a vibrant red / purple colour. Fresh and delicious scents focus on raspberries and strawberries, with pleasant, subtle herbal back notes of tarragon. The wine is bright and refreshing on the palate, red-fruit flavours of black cherry, black currant, cranberry, pepper, cinnamon and cloves are held together by soft, fine tannins. An intriguing minerality joins a well-structured finish.

Perfect to have slightly chilled with Bolognaise or Pizza with friends. Alternatively, great with gamey meats and Salami.


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