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Medium – Soft and spicy, but refreshing.

Ginger is widely used in Asian cooking for its crisp, spicy and refreshing taste and its ability to enhance the flavours of delicate dishes such as certain seafoods. It is said to possess medicinal qualities that aid digestion, alleviate nausea, combat cold and stimulate the appetite for food and sex.

Our Ginger wine is a must for Ginger lovers as it has a full Ginger flavour profile, yet a softened burn to appeal to a good wine lover.

The colour is straw yellow with a green tinge. The aroma has a restrained yet distinct ginger perfume with an edge of dark Manuka honey and spiced apricot pudding. The palate delivers excellent depth and intensity with a delightfully spicy kick. The earthy sweetness is rounded off with bold warming ginger that dives right down your throat and leaves you with a lingering spicy sensation. punchy flavours, finishing long and fragrant. Wonderfully expressive and superbly balanced.

This is the wine we drink when we have spicy foods.


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