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Kaffir limes are easily recognisable by their heavy wrinkled appearance. While the fruit itself has very little juice, the zest and leaves are commonly used in Asian cooking due to their intense fragrance. Kaffir lime leaves come in pairs and can be used fresh or dried however fresh is best as the oils tend to lose their fragrance when dried or frozen.

This tantalising wine is deep golden straw in colour, with a rich, viscous appearance. We captured the intense fragrance of the Kaffir lime leaves, peel and juice in the bouquet. The luscious perfume and striking flavour on the palate is a complex, enticing blend of dried peaches, apricots with savoury, characters of lime oils, marzipan and honey. The intense mouth-feel is balanced by a clean, fresh and very long finish of lime marmalade. The wine is best served chilled at 9 to 11 °C.

Our Fortified Kaffir lime is the very definition of a Liqueur-style Port with its intense flavour and 20% alcohol.

The explosion of flavours in this wine is best used as a mixer to create the perfect cocktail. In cooking, use it in dressings, in sauces a perfect match for red and green curries.


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