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Smooth, Highly Complex Port Style.

Our Flagship, our most successful wine. Rich and highly complex.

The Black Sapote, is a species of persimmon. Common names include chocolate pudding fruit. The tropical fruit tree is native to Mexico, Central America, and Colombia. The ‘Mossman’ cultivar has very large, round fruit of medium flavour with high pulp content and few seeds, and is capable of producing up to 450 kg per tree.

Over the years, we have discovered how to unlock the restrained flavour of the fruit and turn it into a very powerful and rich wine.

It is a truly amazing and beguiling wine. A multi-award and Trophy winner. Arguably the most complex and perplexing wine on the planet! This Port is now a celebrity.

The wine has a “sump oil” green hue and is an opaque black colour. Its smell is very complex with layers of flavours that unlock with every sniff. Chocolate, liquorice. dates and prunes are the dominant aromas. The palate is a chameleon which has multiple personalities of Chocolate, Liquorice, Dates, Prunes, Sarsaparilla, Golden Syrup, Aniseed, Raisins, Figs, Vanilla, Caramel, Cinnamon and others.

The complexity of this wine cannot be overstated, yet all flavours have a harmony – each having its own part to play in the overall deliciousness of the wine.

Is it genius or is it madness?


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